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The Saga Continues

Today marked Day 2 on the road, and we completed the bulk of our driving, arriving in Long Beach, WA around 6:30pm.  Val and I started the day with a brisk walk in 35 degree, windy weather.  She sure does know how to wake a girl up.  The Columbia River was gorgeous and we snapped a few photos:

After breakfast, we hit the road and headed toward Mount Hood.  We knew the weather would be erratic, with forecasts for rain, wind, snow and sleet at various points in time.  We hit Hood River and discovered the fruit trees in bloom.  It was sunny (albeit it wicked cold) and I was able to snap this shot:

I was hopeful that the weather would hold, but as we neared Mount Hood, this was the scene out the car window:

The good news is that the drive was gorgeous, despite the weather conditions.  We found a great little cafe/gift shop to stop in for lunch and were able to sit out most of the snow/rain.  By the time we looped back around to Portland, the weather was much improved.

After that is was drive, drive, drive, drive, drive.  I only made a couple of wrong turns (When will I learn east from west!) but between that and the potty breaks (7 total!) it delayed our arrival a bit.  We’re staying at the Anchorage Cottages which are delightful so far.  We’re all pretty wiped, but tomorrow is a day of play, including a visit to see Jake the Alligator Man and a quest to outfil Val with a surfboard to use as a photo prop in her studio.  (Or so she says… I think we all know that when no one is looking, she’ll be hopping aboard for a little boogie on the boogie-board.)

Nighty-nite ya’ll


2 thoughts on “The Saga Continues

  1. Glad you’re there safe and sound. 7 potty breaks sounds about right. Remember, I just got done traveling with your brother.

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