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Mint Stealers and Seal Barkers

Day 1 of our vacation commenced this afternoon at 4pm, when my mother, my Aunt Val and myself departed Caldwell and headed west.  Why so late?  Well, we were busy celebrating my Grandmother’s 80th birthday party with a surprise tea luncheon.  It was truly a lot of fun, and a good reminder of the importance of spending time with family and sharing with them how much you care for them.

Our ultimate destination is Long Beach, Washington, but knowing that we would be getting a late start, I made reservations only 4 hours away, at the River Lodge and Grill in Boardman, Oregon.  We spent the drive sharing stories, eating beef jerky and praying that the cops wouldn’t see the “Silver Bullet” (my nickname for my mom’s mini-van) speeding across the state.  I am the designated driver for the trip, due less to my superior (but sometimes questioned) driving abilities and more because my mom loves to be driven around and I am a control freak about driving.  (who’da thunk it?)

My mom is battling the “crud” and periodically sounds like a barking seal performing ringside.  I’ve brought a “noise machine” to hopefully help muffle the sound, but there are also a lot of extra pillows in the room.  I’m just saying…

Here’s a picture of the hotel we’re staying at:

It’s a completely lovely hotel, with a fabulous view of the river.  It also has a very nice restaurant downstairs – however we soon surmised that it is prom night for the local teens and so the restaurant is packed with young men in tuxedo’s and girls in formal gowns.  It looks like a Barbie doll convention.  We ended up at a local Mexican restaurant and had a relatively good meal and when the ticket arrived there were 3 of those nice little chocolate mints included.  I dug through my purse for payment and looked up to see 3 empty mint wrappers on the table.  I immediately looked to my mom with mock-outrage and asked her if she ate my mints (sorry mom, but you do have priors…)  She immediately claimed innocence and I saw my Aunt Val duck her head.  Seems someone has an unusal fondness for chocolate mints!  Game on, Aunt Val…Game. On.


One thought on “Mint Stealers and Seal Barkers

  1. And I thought they only stole water. . .I’ve learned not to look the other way when either of them on in the vicinity. Live and learn, Kayla, live and learn. Nothing is sacred to those two!

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