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Well, I’ve managed to reach the end of another remarkably busy week without life or limb, so all must be well.  Tuesday night I attended a career fair for work.  It was for Boise School District, so we had a bunch of 6th – 12th graders and their parents perusing the offerings.  I received a compliment (?) when I mentioned being married during a casual conversation with a 9th grader and received a, “You’re married?!  You’re not old enough to be married!” response.  So apparently the nursing home is a ways off for me yet.  🙂

Last night I was invited at the last minute to attend the local “Culinary Walkabout” at the Center on the Grove.  It was a fundraiser for Meals-on-Wheels and hubby’s hotel bought a table.  We had a fabulous time.  The basic set-up was that several local restaurants/chefs had tables set up buffet style all over the center.  They prepare 1 dish that kind of represents what their cuisine style is and you walk from one booth to another sampling the fare.  There were at least 20 different restaurants represented and there was everything from fish tacos to Kobe beef Caesar salad to lamb with a mint reduction sauce.  Dessert included such offerings as a “Tower of Chocolate” (think fondue on crack), mini pear pies with roasted walnuts and Gruyere cheese (YUMMO!), and coconut ice cream sundaes from Goody’s.  Pretty fancy-pants and fabulously delicious.  There was even a local wine company and brewery offering wine and beer samplings.  As part of the event, there was both a silent and live auction and it was fun to see the excitement in the bidding process.  Ultimately, it ended up being a free date night for hubby and I which of course was great.  It’s not very often we both get dressed up and go out on the town.  I had to behave myself since it was technically a “work event” for hubby, so no kareoke or table dancing.  (sigh) Darn.

Now I need to gear up for the weekend and find my motivation.  We’re gonna try to till up the backyard and plant some grass seed and there is plenty of prep work to be done.  Plus, I leave next weekend for vacation, so I have to make sure the house is in order and laundry is completed ahead of time.  Then there’s grocery shopping, bill-paying and gift-buying for Grandma’s 80th birthday party.  What do you get someone who’s turning 80?!  I guess I’d better go figure it out.


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