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Productivity at it’s Finest

When I awoke this morning at the crack of…11:30, I was worried that maybe I wouldn’t get anything done today.  Sometimes Saturday’s happen like that.  You have the best of intentions but the mattress just swallows you whole and before you know it, it’s 4:24, you’re husband will be home in 30 minutes and you’ve wasted the entire day watching crappy tv and flossing.

I’m happy to report that I was able to redeem my obscenely late rising by accomplishing the following:
(not that you really care about the minutiae of my day, but it’s my blog and you clicked here, so suck it up and pretend interest)

Laundry washed, folded, and 78% put away, bed actually made, both bathrooms cleaned (including tub and toliets, which is AMAZING, trust me), upstairs vacuumed and dusted and de-cluttered, downstairs swept, vacuumed and Swiffered (downstairs floors require a 3-step process due to the massive volume of pet hair), dishes done…twice, downstairs dusted, cleaned dog drool off of sliding glass door, trash taken out, fridge cleaned out, pile o’crap to be donated to charity finally culled through and ready to go, dog walked, dinner prepared (joint effort w/hubby – thanks baby!), yet another stack of books (where do they keep coming from!) sorted through and seperated into stacks, and yes, I even managed to fit in a shower!

So basically what I’m saying is if you ever want to visit me you should do so in the next 8-12 hours, because we just can’t maintain this level of cleanliness for a whole lot longer than that.





4 thoughts on “Productivity at it’s Finest

  1. Jeez, and all I did today was slave over drunk cowboys, and worry about my hotel. I’m SUCH a slacker!!

    Seriously, though, Baby, you RAWK!! Thanks!!

  2. Hmmmm, slaving over drunk cowboys…. Not sure I wanna know. But it’s like a car accident, I can’t look away. What kinda hotel you runnin there?

    You accomplished far more than I. I went to the mall with the fam, and came home and did some digital scrapbooking. Way to go!

  3. Flossing huh……that’s my favorite way to spend a Saturday…
    You a crazy cleaning lady!!! Rock rock on girly!
    Tim, I went to the PBR…….few things in this world as funny as drunken cowboys and cowgirls… I laughed a LOT. But seriously, they are disturbing on so many levels. My deep sympathies to you for having to be nice to them. I vote for a return to your former way of responding to customers.

  4. Quinn- Who said I haven’t already turned back. Hell, lets be honest, I never really stopped!!

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