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Why I’m Not a Nurse

Hmmm… You know how “they” say you should always dispose of any unused prescription drugs?   Yeah…about that…  I’m pretty bad about keeping all my old prescription drugs.  Not that I ever get anything really exciting, but the last time I got bronchitis, I was prescribed this MONDO bottle of liquid Hydrocodone and I couldn’t bring myself to toss it when I’d only used half of it.  (Hey – it’s handy stuff to have around for the occasional migraine or that “time of the month” when the only truly helpful thing is unconsciousness!)

So round 10 am on Sunday morning when I was achey and feverish and convinced I had a major case of the flu, I was scroungin through our medicine box and thought, “Oi, just the ticket!”  I took a dose (and by dose, I mean I had no measuring spoon around, so I approximated what I thought a couple of tablespoons would be and swallowed away).  18 hours later, after floating in and out of a rainbow-tinted dream-world, I realized that what I read as “tablespoons” really said, “teaspoons”. 


I wanted to blame it all on my mother.  After all,  that’s who you’re supposed to blame when things go wrong, and she is the queen of approximation.  Except… well, I guess she DID go to nursing school to learn what’s safe to approximate and what’s not.  And…I suppose…she did (try) to raise me to be a reponsible, reasoning adult.

Turns out when I went to the doc on Monday that I had a severe case of Sinusitis and a double ear infection.  Which means the Hydrocodone probably didn’t help a whole lot.  (Although I do feel SO INCREDIBLY RESTED!!)

Does this mean I need to go to rehab? 


3 thoughts on “Why I’m Not a Nurse

  1. I suppose I should scold you, but i laughed out loud! Thank God you didn’t get enought o hurt yourself! I remenber that bottle of hydrocodone…hmmn … wasn’t that like two years ago? Realy Kayla..there is an expiration date for a reason.. pretty funny stuff though.. if you get tired of Idaho Power go for a column in the newspaper.

  2. I vote yes. You would be much more fun then anyone else that I have tried to read in the news paper. Make note of the ‘tried’. I rarely succeed in reading a news paper…….but I just might if you were in it!!! =)

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