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No, I’m not smoking dope


But if I were, I think my eyes would look pretty much the same.  Rather, this is the result of the dialation drops my Retina doctor put in my eyes yesterday.  For those of you who don’t remember, I started seeing gray spots late last year and ended up at the Retina Specialists office with a diagnosis of “idiopathic somthing-itis”.  Once I realized he wasn’t calling me stupid (ha-ha, laughing at my own joke) I suffered through a quick shot in the eye (read about it here) and as of today have been given a clean bill of (eye) health.  (Mental health status yet to be determined)

I must say it’s sheer torture to have my eyes dialated to this extent.  Not because it hurts, or the sensitivity to light, but rather because it makes it impossible to read anything that’s not at least as big as the big “E” on the eye chart.  I’m one of those people who will read anything and everything.  I’ve even been known to read the entire label on the shampoo bottle while waiting for the conditioner to soak in. 

So I ended up watching some TV for a couple of hourse before being invited over to a friends house for a fantastic evening of hummus, wine and baby-chasing.  Turns out, the kid didn’t care that I looked like Little Lulu:


Or an alien for that matter:


“Focus on the eyes people!  I’m not referring to my freakishly large Kinder melon…”


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