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I got the ultimate smackdown last night.  Turned down flat, by my own mother no less, when I called to ask her for a pledge as part of my stint for IPTV!  In all fairness, it was after 9pm when I called, and she did have my 2 nephews over to vist, and perhaps my method of extortion convincing her to pledge was a bit much.  (Don’t worry mom, I’d never really tell anyone about that summer at the car wash… I’ll take your secret to the grave.)  At any rate, it was a fun night out with my co-workers and all for a good cause. 

I came home afterwards to the site of boxes, boxes everywhere, and not a hubby in sight!  Not totally true, actually.  He was holed up in the office putting together our new computer.  Judging from the volume of hardware now sprawling across the desk, I think he has achieved a new form of gaming nirvana.  The only thing that could possibly improve his gaming experience (his big talent lies in on-line flight simulators) would be building an actual cockpit for him to “fly” in and then installing an espresso bar as part of the control panel.  I would never see him again if I gave him that luxury though…

I’m looking forward to this weekend.  Perhaps I’ll get a few new things crossed off my to-do list.  For starters, getting rid of all those empty boxes…

 A parting picture – couldn’t resist…



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