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Much To-Do and a Whole Lot of Nothing

I had so much to do today, but alas, very little of it got done.

I did manage to get the house 80% clean, but I still have laundry, the upstairs bath and the office to deal with.  (My three greatest housekeeping nemesis).  Considering it’s 2:44am in the morning, I think it’s safe to say these things will have to wait until tomorrow (that is to say, later today) before I’ll be tackling them. 


My to-do list has been growing steadily longer despite my efforts to stay on top of things.  I have this (very unfounded and unrealistic) theory that if I could just get on top of all these random little tasks in my life at once, then surely life would be easier going forward.  The hard part for me is prioritizing what needs to happen when.  And I have serious A.D.D. issues when I’m cleaning.  I’ll be vacuuming and realize how dusty the bookshelves are, so I grab the duster (Thank God for Swiffer) and start going to town killing dust bunnies, then realize all the Cd’s and DVD’s and books are sadly out of order.  Before you know it I’m alphabetizing /cleaning out and generally making an even bigger mess than when I started.

Here’s what’s left on my general to-do list for this weekend (T-Minus 18 hours and counting):

Clean Upstairs Bath
Vacuum/Dust the Office
Finish cleaning out closet
Actually box up and get rid of stuff to be donated
Clean out downstairs storage area
Pick up old dog bones/toys in back yard
Remember to set out the recycling bin this time
Go to workplace for a few hours and try to get a head start on this week.
Prepare an actual home-cooked meal for hubby
Clean out car – maybe go to car wash and find out what color it really is.
Set aside some quality time with my tweezers
Paint my toenails
Remember to return books to church
Make it to mass on time (although just showing up may be aiming high enough)
Corner Fuzzy with hairbrush and work on matted hair balls
Clean up area in front of house
Remember to buy more cat food, tampons and paper towels
Try to get 8 hours of sleep

Something tells me I may not be able to accomplish all of this by 9 pm tonight (the time I should go to bed if I want to fit in those 8 hours of sleep before Monday morning).  Wish me luck…


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