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And One More Thing

Just a quick lesson on proper public restroom etiquette.  Many of you have already been properly instructed on the appropriate manners in this particular social arena, but evidently a few of you remain who need a little tutorial..

If you enter a public restroom with 6 stalls of which 5 are vacant, and the only one in use is at the opposite end of the room (occupied, by say, a perfectly unassuming person such as myself), do NOT proceed to walk all the way to that end and take the stall immediately next to it.  It’s just not kosher.  Perhaps that person (ahem, me) chose that isolated stall because she was in search of a quiet moment in her day.  Perhaps she (me) needs a little time alone with her thoughts. 

The general rule is to always allow a 1 stall space between yourself and another person if at all possible.   Unless you are going in with a friend and then neighboring stalls are great for maintaining conversation.

That’s it – it’s very simple you see!  I have every confidence that you can now go forth with this new-found knowledge and behave appropriately.  Please do so.


3 thoughts on “And One More Thing

  1. I would imagine it mostly consists of keep your eyes, hands and *feet* to your self… huh there are people who need that lesson too. =D

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