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We haven’t been married long enough for this…

Last night hubby and I were having a nice little conversation before bed and he said something (accidentally) that made me really uncomfortable.  No questionable language, no calling my character into question, no it was worse than that.  He called me… “mom”. 

Now, of course, I’m not really upset by this, in fact it struck me as rather hilarious.  It’s just that it immediately reminded me of my own parents who tend to refer to each other in parental terms.  (And I don’t care how cool your parents are, nobody wants to think they’re turning into them)  It also reminded me of a time in 5th grade when I accidentally called my teacher “dad”. (One word: mortified)

I told hubby to watch his mouth and we both had a good laugh over it.  But I can’t help but wonder if, in that moment, I somehow reminded him of his mom in such a way that his subconscious couldn’t distinguish?  Oy.


4 thoughts on “We haven’t been married long enough for this…

  1. Aack! Jared and I have an agreement that we will never refer to each other as “mom” or “dad” or any variation thereof unless we are actually talking to the children. We are very strict about it!

  2. I can just see you saying “You watch your mouth young man!” and it not helping the situation at all!!! =D

  3. Totally agree with Mandi’s comment. Good thing you could laugh about it. Just tell me not to let it happen again! : )

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