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Some sites you might be interested in… 

I was referred by a friend to a site called BookMooch, where you can trade books for free.  You earn points by listing books and sending books, and naturally, lose points when you receive a book.  They do have a minimum point requirement for membership and you must maintain a certain activity level each month to be able to trade.  There is no cost except when you ship a book to someone who requests it.  To give you an idea of the expenses, I paid $2.00 to ship a paperback the other day.  Sweet!

For those of you that live in the Boise area, check out this deal from a spa/salon here in town.  Until the end of March, there’s a buy one service, get one free deal going on.  To give you an idea of how great this is, a friend of mine got a haircut and a facial for $38.00 (pre tax/tip)  Pretty smokin deal if you ask me (Yeah, yeah, I know you didn’t ask)  My friend gives rave reviews though, so it’s legit!  Check it out and report back…

Craigslist.  For those of you who haven’t check it out, DO IT!  It’s a basic site, fairly easy to navigate and we have found some smokin deals on there.  Of course there will always be those trying to sell a mohair sofa for $2000 because it was dear old granny’s favorite, but for the most part the deals are good and the selection changes daily!

Lent.  Not just for Catholic’s anymore!  Easter’s right around the corner – educate yourself here about this 40 day period prior in the Church Year.  Even if kneeling, genuflecting, and making the sign of the cross are not part of your weekly worship service, embracing one or two lenten practices is good for anybody.


2 thoughts on “Linkage..

  1. Ooo…if you don’t want to make a trip to the post office, I can mail your books from here. I have a scale and a stamps.com account…and lots of packaging materials.

  2. Sweet! I may take advantage of that. USPS.com is kinda a pain in the butt and our printer at home isn’t working. I’d rather not send things out with like 20 stamps on them…I”ll swing by and we can talk!

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