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My Day in Numbers

1 = Hours I was late to work today.

27 = Number of voicemails I’ve received (and partially returned) within the last 48 hours.

42 = Number of emails I’ve returned in the last 24 hours – 84% of which were  work related…

15 = Number of minutes I sat in my car during my lunch break muttering, “I don’t want to go back to work…I don’t want to go back to work…”

72 = Approximate number of times I reminded myself about my lenten promise to disavow my bad attitude and unnecessary complaining.

4.5 = Number of hours before I’m done with Job #2 and headed home to my hubby.

3 = Number of times I anticipate the dog needing to go outside before tomorrow morning…


7 thoughts on “My Day in Numbers

  1. 15= Number of times I’m gonna hug & kiss you when you get home. Maybe then you’ll forget those other numbers. 😉

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