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Mea Culpa

Remember this?  Well, I have bad news…

I recently made a trip to the grocery store and while standing in the check-out line, something caught my eye – a harmless little paperback novel written by an author that I’ve read before and enjoyed.  It spoke to me..  “Just one peek won’t hurt,” it said.  “Don’t I look interesting?  No one has to know.”

I should have listened to my inner voice.  “C’mon, you don’t need that book – you promised yourself you wouldn’t go down that path anymore, remember?  You’re reading good stuff now – quality stuff!  Just say no!”

But it was too late.  I’d already picked up the book and started paging through it.  “Aren’t I witty?” it said.  “Look how easy and fluffy my subject matter is.  I won’t make you think too hard.  And aren’t my pages nice and new and smooth?  You know you want me.”

NO! I thought.  I put the book down and started unloading my cart.  I couldn’t help however, but glace back at it periodically, feeling the longing, the pull, for the quick-fix of a cheap read.

Don’t leave me here.  What if you can’t find me later?  You should buy me just in case.  You don’t have to read me now…just have me on stand-by for emergency purposes.  Everyone else is doing it…”

Before I knew it I was handing the book to the clerk and watching as she quickly rung it up and then bagged it along with a bottle of antacids.  I should have known then the heartache that awaited me.

I quickly pulled the book out as I walked to the car, then chucked the groceries into the trunk and sat in the driver’s seat with the heat turned on high.  As I read the first few pages I felt a familiar “high” rush through my brain.  Danger!  Intrigue!  Improbable romance! 

Then, without warning, a sweeping sense of deja-vu swept over me and my heart sank as I came to the crushing realization that this plot was all-too familiar.  Yes, my dear reader, it’s true.  I had… <gulp> read this book before!!!

This is what happens to those who don’t take their resolutions seriously.  It’s called Karma my friends.  And it’s a bitch.

As a side note, I now have a lovely paperback novel to lend out if anyone needs something to read…


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