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It’s all my Husbands fault…

Sorry I haven’t blogged more lately – I lay the blame squarely at my dear hubby’s feet (sorry hon).  He flew back from his 2nd week of training on Friday and we’ve been spending lots of time together. 

Since he was gone on our anniversary, we went out on Saturday night to celebrate.  If you haven’t been to the Melting Pot, I highly recommend it.  But be prepared for sticker shock.  It’s a fondue restaurant and we went with the “Big Night Out” special which offers four courses innclude a cheese fondue to start, then salad, then the entree, then (of course) dessert.  If you are terribly interested in our eating habits, you can download the menu online here.  We went with the Mediterranean Cheese fondue, the Fondue Fusion for the main course and the Bailey’s Irish Cream Dream for dessert. Yum-O!

Good news and Bad news for Monday.  Good news is I have the day off and will be spending it “playing bookstore” at my friend Mandi’s shop.  Bad news is hubby is flying off (again!) for work.  This time it’s an operational meeting in Portland and he’ll be gone through Thursday.  Waaahh!  I’m getting pretty good at keeping myself busy in his absence, but I still miss him.  This should be the last of his traveling for awhile though, so I’ll pipe down and bide my time.

I will try to blog some more tommorrow.. Ciao!


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