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Random Product Reviews

My mom often tells me I find “the neatest things”.  I don’t know if that is necessarily true, but I do like trying new things and figure it can’t hurt to share my findings with the general public.

Pre Cooked Chicken
Found mine at Wal-Mart for about $6.99 but I’ve seen them everywhere.  FABULOUS!  Makes putting together a salad or casserole uber quick and easy.  Yes, you pay for convenience, but if time is scarce and you are trying to eat healthy (and you despise handling raw chicken) then it is well-worth the investment. 

Bar Keepers Friend
This was recommended to hubby and I by a salesperson at Home Depot.  It cleans all the black streaks off our porcelain kitchen sink, as well as the stainless steel pan I burned eggs in and doesn’t scratch a bit.  Also great on chrome, glass and brass!  Winco has it.

Mini Silicone Oven Mitts
I got tired of burning myself when using regular oven mitts.  Picked up a pair of these at Wal-Mart and have been burn-free ever since.

Walgreens Body Lotion
Smells super yummy and does a decent job moisturizing.  But be aware – your animals will try to lick it off of you so you might want to make sure they aren’t in the room when you use.


One thought on “Random Product Reviews

  1. I get the whole roasted chicken at Winco for only $5 (I think) and I too use it for everything…so much easier than handling a raw chicken and not that much more expensive. I make stirfry with it, chicken pot pies and salads. Then I simmer the carcass for about 4 hours with some onion, garlic and spices to make stock which then gets used to make Risotto or soup.

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