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Your Suspicions Are Correct..

I heard from a certain someone…that another certain someone is afraid to go on vacation with me!  Something about me blogging the details (and embarrasing pictures) of the entire adventure! 

I’m shocked by these accusations and I have just one thing to say… “YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!”

I fully intend to lug along my laptop and blog away during the entire trip.  Although… now that I think about it, I intended to do the same thing during my Christmas vacation with hubby and failed miserably, so my road-trip partners may be in luck.  However, I didn’t have any internet access at Christmastime and I will have internet nearly every day of my next vacation so I take my previous statement back.  You both are sooooo going to be at my mercy…

Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha !!


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