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Creaky Stairs

Hubby flew to Spokane last night to start the training for his new job.  <Sigh>  It’s quiet around here.  The animals are good company, but also culprits of random noises in the middle of the night which is most discomfitting.

You seasoned married couples may roll your eyes at this, but it’s hard being home alone without my sweetie!  This is the first time we’ve really been apart since our wedding and I <sniff> really, <sniff> really, <sniff> REALLY <waaahhhhh> MISS HIM!!!!

Whew, ok, glad I got that out of the way (she said sheepishly).  I think the key will be keeping busy.  So, to that end, I am off to Veritas to visit with friends, read a good book and drown my sorrows in a hot beverage of some sort…


3 thoughts on “Creaky Stairs

  1. I know how you feel. My hubby was gone for two days once and I thought I was gonna die ’cause I missed him so much. I actually cried myself to sleep the first night. You’re not alone!

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