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Who Are You People?

Does anyone other than myself think it’s odd that I went from 997 hits on my site yesterday to over 1100 today?  Who are these phantom people visiting my website?  Is it simply uber-spammers trying unsuccessfully to bombard me or do I actually have people outside my inner (sanctum) circle peeking in?


4 thoughts on “Who Are You People?

  1. I think the jump happened because we all kept logging on to see if we could be 1000 but since it probably only updates those stats every few hours it jumped dramatically.

  2. Hmmmmm….. dunno. I check a time or two a day, and I wonder if leaving a comment and then going back to the main page counts as more than one page load? It could be that clicking on various links on your website could cause the page to load again counting as another hit.

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