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New Years Reading Resolution

Ok, those of you who know me well might be thinking right now, “Reading resolution?  The girl reads too much already!  What does she need a reading resolution for?”

Here’s why: I’ve been in a rut lately, not wanting to commit to anything elevated beyond “fluff”.  Not sure why that is, it’s like I’ve been paranoid to start anything deep and meaning for fear I won’t be able to see it through.  Perhaps it’s a kind of commitment-phobia?  (Thank God it’s limited to my reading, I don’t think hubby would like to hear that I’m having problems committing to things in general)

So…here’s my resolution.  My goal for at least the next 3 months of 2008, is to start (and hopefully finish) reading all of the books I’ve collected over the last two to three years, that have been languishing on my shelves.  Why only three months you ask?  Well, in short, I have a hard time keeping resolutions and I believe in setting myself up to succeed! 🙂  I’ve been terrible about buying/borrowing books that look interesting and then never reading them.  So it’s time to Stop The Insanity! and go forth and read what I’ve already got.  And NOT buy any more.

I will give myself a few allowances.  I need to be able to at least somewhat enjoy what I’m reading, so if I dive into a book and find that it’s horribly dry or uninteresting, I won’t hold myself to finishing it.  But I will give it an honest effort – say at least 75 pages before I can say “forget it!?”

 Wish me luck.  I’ll start compiling my stack of books over the next couple of days and then post a list.  I don’t want to set my goals too terribly high because 1. I have an intense fear of failure and 2. I’m not as courageous (crazy?) as my dear friend Mandy to set for on a quest on the same scale as hers.


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