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I hab a code

Translation: I have a cold.  A cough.  A runny nose.  A wheezy sound when I breathe.  A general sense of not-so-well-being.  You get the picture. 

I have bought syrups and pills and mists and strips and drops and soup and chocolate.  So far the soup and chocolate have done more good than anything else.  I think the medicine is just making me hostile.  My thought process earlier this evening went something like this… “You idiot, what did you think would happen when you hit the button that many times!?” and then, “Did she just roll her eyes at me!?  Did she!? I am sooo not going to be all smiley for her now!”  All this from someone that people typically describe as a “very nice person”.  (At least I hope that’s how they describe me)

If anyone has any suggestions on how to kick this cold I’m open to them.  Specifically, if I could start breathing through my nose again, I think my quality of life would improve drastically…


One thought on “I hab a code

  1. My old routine is go for a long run until you’re all sweaty and gross and tired, then take a looong hot-as-you-can-stand shower until the hot water heater is empty while drinking cold water to keep you hydrated, then crawl into bed and sleep as long as your body wants to….works like a charm.

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