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Spring Cleaning: Part Deaux

My previous post about feeling the cleaning itch coming on proved true over the weekend. 

Every cupboard and drawer was cleaned out, wiped down and reorganized.  Rugs were moved, curtains were bought (soon to be hung) and the animals were duly terrorized.  The vacuum cleaner is generally regarded as satan’s spawn by the furry occupants of our household and it’s the one thing that will keep them from following me from room to room.

As a result of all this sprucing up, I’ve been more inclined to cook as of late, and dear hubby has been treated to a home-cooked meal (or leftovers) 3 nights in a row now.  I’ve also packed my lunch to work for 3 days in a row, which is virtually un-heard of in my house.

I have no idea what has gotten into me but I hope it sticks around for awhile!!!


One thought on “Spring Cleaning: Part Deaux

  1. Good girl! Not to take away from your highly regarded efforts on Spring Cleaning but for enlightening me and/or us on DH!!! Dear Husband!

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