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200 Books – shameless plug

I’ve added it to my Blogroll, but I also want to give a quick urge to check out www.200books.com

This site belongs to my dear friend Mandy (you may also know her from here) who has bravely set forth to read 200 books in 2008.  A monumental task for anyone, but even more so for her as she is also a devoted wife, mother to 2 enchanting boys under the age of 2, and also a small business owner.  Plus, she reads real books – not the little paperback novels I burn my way through.  We’re talking a lot of hard-back, big words, small type, classical type literature that we all know we should read, but rarely find the time to do.

It’s inspired me to try and bring up my reading material a notch or two.  I’m not brave enough to make any declarations for quality or quantity in 2008, but I will be working on a post of books I’d like to complete in 2008. 

In the meantime, check out www.200books.com.  Maybe you’ll be inspired too!


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