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Vacation Rumination…

So it occurs to me I didn’t really tell you much about our Christmas vacation.  I had big plans to take dozens and dozens of pictures so I could regale you with witty remarks about mundane occurrences.  I foiled my own plans by only taking two pictures of a storm cloud and then leaving the camera in the console of the truck.  Smart, eh?

Not sure why I went brain-dead on the camera – there really were lots of beautiful and interesting things to photograph.  Like my in-laws cabin – very picturesque, surrounded by trees.  The gorgeous sunrises and sunsets in the mountain/desert terrain.  The terrorized baby chipmunk my mother-in-law has caged in her kitchen….  (I kid you not – poor thing’s name is Chip-Monkey)

Hubby and I had a great time on the road, having “deep” conversations, listening to lots of music, as well as 2 books on CD (I highly recommend this one).  Once in Arizona, we did our part to support the economy and came home with some fab treasures.  If you ever make it to the Phoenix area, you have to hit the Anthem Outlet Mall.  A very Merry Christmas indeed!!  We also had a chance to spend time with hubby’s sister and neice/nephews, whom he hasn’t seen but once in several years.

 We had a good time hanging out with hubby’s parents, and, on the way home, got to know the Homeland Security Checkpoint Guards at Hoover Dam quite well.  (Turns out having a bed-cover on your pick-up truck is a sure sign of terrorism).  A quick stop in Vegas for fuel and food and we were on our way home (I gambled nary a penny..)  I’ve posted already about our quest in St. George, and other than a few snow flurries on the last leg of our journey, it was quiet and uneventful the rest of the way.  Just the way a vacation oughta be…


2 thoughts on “Vacation Rumination…

  1. She says the trip home was uneventful. Not sure how she knows, since she SLEPT through a lot of it!!

    The conversation went as follows:

    K- Honey, are we to Salt Lake City yet?
    T- Um, that was so an hour and a half ago.
    K- Oh…. (mumbling something incoherently in her sleep)

    Love this woman!!!

  2. NOT TRUE!!! I categorically deny this slanderous statement. I was awake the entire..er, most.. er, for all the important stuff anyways…

    Ok, ok.. truth is, I woke up just in time to arrive at my parents house and take a nap.

    I have so turned into my mother

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