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Oy, my eye!!

As usual, there is no shortage of drama in my world. 

I try to keep my complaining to a minimum on my blog, because really, who wants to hear about my aches and pains?!  However today, I give myself an exception.  Because today, my dear reader, I had a NEEDLE shoved into my EYE and well… IT HURTS!!!!

Ok, ok, now that I’ve got your attention, let me give you the breakdown. 

Christmas morning, I noticed things looked a little “funny”.  I told my husband that it was like I was seeing the world with flashes of “3-D” vision.  Some things seemed to stand out more than others.  I figured I was just tired from all our traveling and didn’t pay any further attention.  During the drive home however, I noticed it was becoming difficult to read.  The words on the page were all skewed and curved.  When I did a comparison between my left and right eye, I discovered I had a “gray spot” in my left eye that blotted out part of my vision and also caused straight lines to look curvy and everything else to look just plain weird.  (Insiders note:  If you’ve seen the movie “The Ring” and remember how when people die their faces get all twisted… that’s what my eye was doing to things!!)

I made it into my Dr’s office yesterday and was summarily referred to an Opthamologist and then a Retinal Specialist.  I can’t remember what the final diagnosis is called – some kind of “blah-blah-itis”  The doc said that I have a cluster of blood vessels forming beneath my retina which are hemorraging lightly and causing mild vision loss.  So basically, my eye is bleeding and they don’t know why.  Treatment involved a series of numbing drops, a good eye-washing and, you guessed it, a big ‘ol needle.  The meds are supposed to help reduce the swelling of the blood vessels.  If it works.  I won’t find out for a month or so.  Chances are good I’ll need another couple of shots..

Here’s a pic for those of you that like grody stuff like this…


I was hopeful that they would send me home with a pirate-like eye-patch, but no luck.  I just get to look like I’ve been in a fight and lost.  🙂  The good news is that the pain is gradually going away, but I’m still scoring high on the sympathy scale.  Lol – I’m terrible, aren’t I?

 Ok, enough griping.  Next post will be much happier, I promise!


6 thoughts on “Oy, my eye!!

  1. EEEW, nothing like a needle in your eye. It’s not like you can close your eyes and imagine it’s not there! That was the most unnerving thing about LASIK (except there was no needle involved–now that I think about it, they really aren’t similar, except that I couldn’t close my eyes! Did they use the eye speculum on you?

  2. Lol – Sorry Mandy, I think it was a speculum! Some kind of plastic thingy to hold my eyelids in place. Thankfully, it really wasn’t as horrendous as it sounds. And the pain is completely gone now, I just have the red spot – kinda like Jupiter!! Lol…

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