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An Open Letter to Walgreens Corp

Dear Walgreens,

A heartfelt thanks from my husband and I for saving Christmas.

As part of the few, the proud, the crazy, traveling home on Christmas day, we found ourselves with a problem.  Hubby’s phone was quickly losing charge (thanks to a lightening round of text-messaging with friends) and we had no automobile phone charger.  We thought to ourselves, “No problem, there are a ton of truck stops between Arizona and Idaho, we’ll just pick one up on the road.” 

Three Flying J’s, 2 Chevrons, a Texaco, Maverick and am/pm mini mart later, we heard the mocking laughter of fate, as we struck out at every turn.  They either didn’t carry cell phone chargers period, or had everything but the one that would fit the aforementioned phone.

We were driving around St. George, Utah when we saw the sign for “24 hour pharmacy” and wondered…could it be?  Would they actually be open on Christmas Day at 10:30 in the evening?


And…(more importantly) they had the charger we needed.  And…(most appreciatively) the clerk that rung us up was actually cheerful.  And…(the cherry on top) said charger actually worked, and hubby was restored to text-messaging bliss.

So Thank You, Walgreens, for forcing your employees to work on Christmas Day.  They might not appreciate it, but we do!!!


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