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Home Sweet Home

DH and I are back in town tonight, after a 22 hour drive back from Arizona (this includes a 3 1/2 hour “layover” at my parents house for a nice little nap).  While we had a fantastic time together, enjoying our time on the road, doing our part to boost the economy, and spending time w/my In-Law’s, it sure was nice to come home to our own bed, and the loving affection of our animals. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas together with your families, and before I forget – A heartfelt Congratulations to my dear friend Mandy, on the arrival of her 2nd son.  Welcome to earth, Luc!

I’ll be posting more in the next few days about our road-trip adventures, so be sure to check back.  For now, I have a serious case of the *yawns* and am going to catch up on some sleep…..


2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Glad to hear you’re back home safe and sound. Missed you at Christmas. It’s a bummer to be away from your family on the holidays. Things you don’t think about when you long to be married! I’m glad our families are closer now. It makes things a bit easier.

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