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Seven Days


In 7 days, I will be at home, packing our suitcases for The Big Trip.  I will be questioning how many sweaters I should take and whether black shoes really do go with everything.  And then there is the business of reading material.  Hmmm, 5 days with my in-laws…just what kind of books go well with that?  And how many can I hide fit into the bottom of the suitcase before DH gives me that one-eyebrow-raised glance that says, “Seriously?”

Then there’s the delimma of what CD’s and DVD’s to bring.  We bought an adapter for our lap-top so we can charge it while we’re on the road.  So I’m planning on keeping busy during the 14 hour drive with music, movies, games of solitaire and the like.  Of course, we must plan for every mood.  Happy music, sad music, Christmas music.  Happy movies, sad movies, thriller movies, Christmas movies.  Hopefully I won’t drive my Sweetie mad (or off the road!)

The trip, for those who don’t know, is to Arizona to visit my hubby’s parents.  They technically live in Phoenix, but have a cabin outside of Flagstaff, which is where we’ll be headed, so we’ll be guaranteed to have a White Christmas.  This is my very first Christmas away from home and family.  I’m kinda sad, but still looking forward to the trip.  It’s also my first Christmas as an official Catholic, and I’m bummed that I will miss Midnight Mass and all.  Of course, I could find a church in Flagstaff to go to, but seeing as how neither my hubby nor his family are Catholic, I’m kinda doubting it’s going to happen.  Turns out, Christmas comes every year though, so I’ll be able to go next year.

Wish me luck in my obsessive-compulsive packing!  Any suggestions on must-have road-trip provisions?


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