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When Good Gingerbread Men Go Bad…

I made a quick overnight trip to my parents house this weekend, to spend some time together since we won’t be here for Christmas.  I arrived later than expected due to the obligatory stop in Mountain Home to fetch “supplies” that my mom discovered at the last minute were missing.  Let it be known that even in a small town, Wal-Mart on a Saturday in December is NEVER a good idea. 

The good news is that I arrived in time to decorate cookies with mom.  The bad news is that the cinnamon imperials I bought to use as eyes and buttons for the gingerbread men were a bit oversized.  And since I was bringing the cookie cutters with me, mom had used her own pattern for the first batch.  We ended up with extreme giants and skinny little anorexic gingerbread men.


The bad thing is that if we said my 4 and 6 year old nephews decorated these cookies, people would say, “awww..how cute!”  But once it gets out that 2 adults are responsible for these, well….then it’s just sad.

Thankfully the cookies taste fantastic, regardless of the way they are decorated.  And, as it’s been several years since my mother and I have decorated cookies together, it was also a good old-fashioned heartfelt “quality” moment spent together.  I am definitely in the holiday spirit now!!


4 thoughts on “When Good Gingerbread Men Go Bad…

  1. Gingerbread Zombies!! They have no souls…..

    Glad you had a good time, Sweetie. Missed ya here at home, but I know the Family Time is important. Just think, 2 weeks, and then you get to spend time with MY Mom. 😉

  2. That’s it, from now on the story is that our “special” cousin made the cookies. I’m throwing in the towel until I get professional cookie decorating tools. Or at least a decent cookie cutter. 🙂

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