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On Vacuums, Christmas Trees and New Jobs…

I have been severely remiss in my blogging duties as of late.  Life stepped in and just swallowed me whole for a few days!  So here’s a quick update on the events of the last few days…

My new vacuum cleaner arrived via UPS last Wednesday and *cue the drums* man does it SUCK!  Bad puns aside, I am hugely impressed with how well it cleans.  Impressed and also somewhat nauseous at the sheer volume of dust, hair and other miscellaneous items it managed to extract from my carpet.  It works equally well on hard surfaces and upholstery.  So here’s a big thumbs up from me!!

This past weekend was spent decking the halls and our tree is now up and decorated.  Thus far we have broken 2 ornaments.  Partly because our cats are convinced the tree is their new play-thing and partly because we have hard floors instead of carpet, so the number of casualties is naturally higher.  We’ve put up red and green icicle lights on the outside of the house, and white lights with greenery along the railing in front.  So it’s feeling quite festive in our little home.  I’ve also been on a cookie baking bender (Caramel Heavenlies to be exact – thank you Mandi) so with the exception of the batch I overcooked the other night, our home is also smelling deliciously holiday-like.

My DH interviewed for a new job last week and went back in today for a second interview.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for him to make the next natural step in his field and we are both hopeful that it will be his.  The downside (as with most things in life) is the waiting period.  It may take as long as 2 more weeks before we know for sure.  So keep your fingers crossed with us and if you are inclined to throw a few prayers our way, all the better!

 Whew!  I’m done chatting for tonight.  Consider yourself up to date, my dear reader.  I promise to be more timely in putting forth my next post…


3 thoughts on “On Vacuums, Christmas Trees and New Jobs…

  1. I myself am in love with the dyson. So glad you like yours as well. It’s frightening the amount of stuff it pulls out of the carpet. Which model did you get?

    Definately praying about the job situation!

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