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Who Does That!?

I have a 2nd job that I work two nights a week.  It’s only 12 hours a week and in general is quite low-key.  Which is why I decided I could handle it.  And for the most part it’s been exactly what I hoped it would be.  My job essentially consists of covering the front desk for a major university while evening classes are in session.  Answer the phone if it rings (it never does).  Take student payments if they make one (they never do).  Pull the fire alarm in case of an emergency(no emergencies to date – knock on wood).  I’m basically the “what-if” girl.  I’m here to handle any miscellaneous, random tasks that may arise.  And thus far, it’s been mostly quiet.

Fast forward to this evening.  The night before Thanksgiving.  Only 3 classes in session.  All the hallmarks of a nice quiet evening that I can spend reading or surfing the net or otherwise entertaining myself.   This was before I discovered one of our instructors “brought” her husband to campus tonight.  Which normally I wouldn’t have issue with.  Except he’s sitting in the table closest to me in an empty room.  Facing me istead of turned away.  Apparently he’s here because his wife – the instructor – had major dental work done this morning and is on heavy pain meds.  To the point that she can’t drive herself.  But apparently she’s ok to teach for 4 straight hours.  And apparently he needs to wait here the entire 4 hours (and stare at me) instead of just coming back later to pick her up.  And apparently he is also very disgruntled with his internet service provider and plans to escalate matters tomorrow if it’s not resolved to his satisfaction.  (Trust me, I don’t want to know these things.  I was an unwilling prisoner listener.

Let me tell ya – I’m a big believer in personal space.  I always sit at least 3 or 4 seats away from someone in the theatre if I can.  At church, I’ll search for the empty end seat so as not to have to crawl over someone.  I even take it so far as to never take the stall right next to someone else in the restroom unless it’s unavoidable.  So this is a stretch for me.  Maybe I’m being tested.  Maybe I need to be more compassionate.  They say the thing that irritates you most about other people is a reflection of a flaw you already posess.  Do I do these things? <Holds up mirror for good long look>  Ack!!!!  Say it isn’t so!!!


4 thoughts on “Who Does That!?

  1. That sucks! I have a customer who shall remain nameless that comes in, buys a book and then stands and leans toward me at the counter for 30min while he starts reading it. It drives me nuts! Also have one that always leans over to try and see my computer screen while I’m ordering a book for him. You’re not alone!

  2. Thank goodness! I was beginning to feel guilty about my lack of patience. Why are there so very many odd ducks in the world? And why do they all flock in our direction?

  3. Well you never pushed your way into MY personal space…*wait* …….I forgot I don’t have any;)
    Lol…..Mandi do I know WHO you are talking about??? 😀
    Nerd-faces and there annoying habits!!!

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