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Pet Hair and Plastic Furniture Covers

I am seriously considering purchasing plastic covers for all our furniture.  The pet hair situation in this house has gotten out of control.  Which I guess isn’t surprising considering we have 1 dog and 3 cats.  But still.  C’Mon!! 

It probably wouldn’t be so bad if I only worked a few hours a week and had time to indulge my OCD for having things neat and organized.  But I work a lot!  52 hours per week not counting drive-time and lunch hours.  There was a time in my life when I swept and vacuumed if not every day, then at minimum, every other… My house always smelled good and was excruciatingly tidy.  Of course, that was before I met my husband and had pets, so I had basically no life whatsoever, and could obsess about those kinds of things.

Sneaky thing about life – there is always a trade-off.  The grass really might be greener on the other side of the fence, but it comes at a price!!  Those cute furry animals you see at the pound, or on Craigslist or in a mall pet store are truly sweet and can end up bringing unquantifiable joy and happiness to your life.  But those same adorable creatures also bring tumbleweed sized clumps of fur, stinky litter and a need to be walked regularly.  That handsome, manly-man who is a whiz at fixing things around the house, killing spiders and making you laugh til milk spurts out your nose may also have a tendency for letting his clothes stay where they fall when he changes and forgetting to scoop the aforementioned litter boxes on a regular basis.

 Thankfully, we humans are given the gift of reason so we can do a cost/benefit analyst and determine just how much we are willing to put up with…  I confess, I have had moments where I have imagined what life might have been like had we said “no” to all the pets.  How clean our house would be right now.  How I could fold laundry on our bed or even sit on it while getting ready for work without having to worry about the pet hair.  I have also secretly fantasized about what life would be like if I were still single.  How my house would be even cleaner, and my grocery bill smaller and all the feminine colors and patterns I want where I want them.

Of course, then I would have no one – human, canine or feline to snuggle with at night.  No joyous whimpers of delight when I come home from work each night (don’t worry – I’m talking about the dog, not my DH!)  No sweet rumbly kitten curled up next to me on the couch.  No one to make me laugh so hard milk has a chance to get anywhere near my nose. 🙂  No familiar comfort, knowing that despite the hair and occasional odor, I have Murphy, Fuzzy, Token and Tweak in the house that love me unconditionally.  Not to mention the contentment my sweet DH brings me.

So I’ll continue the battle with the pet hair and try to arm myself with better tools and a more consistent cleaning schedule.  I’ll try to recognize that a messy house is the hallmark of a house well-lived in and count my blessings to be so fortunate.

But I’m not going to abandon the idea of plastic furniture covers just yet…or maybe just plastic covers for the animals themselves…


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