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When Monday attacks Tuesday

I work in the HR department of a local utility company and part of my job is processing incoming applications.  We recently posted a position that proved to be so popular (even with no advertising) that the volume of incoming applications over the 3 day weekend caused our Jobs Inbox to hit full capacity and shut down.  When I arrived at work this morning, (feeling somewhat sickly) I found 27 voicemails and 132 emails, all waiting for a response from…me?!

There is not enough Diet Pepsi Max in the world to make it possible to wade through all that with a good attitude.  However, I discovered that if you pop some mini-M&M’s along with the Pepsi Max, well…. that’s a different story!!  Life is downright swell after that particular cocktail!  I highly recommend it.

Now the day is winding down and the animals have all come to roost on the bed as I type this post.  We just finished watching House and dh has retreated to his “man-cave” to check his email.  It’s been a good day ‘tater.  Sweet dreams!


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